June 14, 2011

Empty! #1

I have decided to start a new series of posts called "Empty!" Everytime I will finish up 5 beauty products, I will do a short post about them - like a very short review and whether if I would buy them again.

Here are the 5 beauty products that I've finished recently:

1. Sophyto Purify & Energise Super Bioacitve Toner; 25,90€.
This is the only toner that I can actually use (in combination with other Sophyto products) when my perioral dermatitis gets out of hands. I have already written some posts about Sophyto products and how they helped to reduce me perioral dermatitis areas on my face (click Sophyto tag, if you would like to read more about it).
The price tag seems high, but it's definitely worth it.
Repurchase: Yes.

2. Avene Thermal Spring Water; around 11-12€ for 300ml bottle.
For the couple of years now (the big bottle of) Avene Thermal Spring Water is a must have in my skincare routine. After morning face wash I spray it over my face, because it really calms and soothes my skin. This product is so versatile - you can use it after cleansing, after shaving/waxing, after exercise, during travel, sunburn, to set makeup...
Repurchase: Yes.

3. Boss Orange EdT; sample.
I got this sample with a purchase in Beautique drugstore. Here are the notes: "Top Notes: The passionate intensity of Sweet Apple engages the senses.
Heart Notes: The carefree scent of White Flowers lingers longer, relaxing and warming the heart.
Base Notes: The soulfulness of creamy Vanilla and Woods leaves an intimate, lasting impression."
I think it's a really lovely scent - nice mixture of floral and fruity, quite fresh too and nice for the Summer days. But I am not in love in it.
Purchase: Probably not, but I wouldn't mind getting it as a present *lol*

4. Alverde Lip Balm Calendula; 1,45€.
Another must have for me. I love the fact that this lip balm is certified organic, it's cheap and it does a great job when my lips are dry.
Repurchase: Yes.

5. Madara Moisturizing Lotion; 15€, but I bought on a sale for 7,50€ (-50%).
I bought some Madara body products when Slovenian web store "Na jasi" had 50% discount before closing it down. Madara products are certified organic. This moisturizing lotion for normal/dry skin is actually very nice product. I have normal skin on my body (so I don't know how would this lotion work on somebody with dry skin) and after using it skin feels soft and moisturized. Lotion is absorbed quickly and it doesn't leave any oily residue behind. It has a very subtle smell that reminds on me bananas. Overall, nice product, but nothing exceptional.
Repurchase: If I ever see this product at half the price, yes. Otherwise no.

What do you think about this series? Do you have a question or two about any product presented in this post?

Song of the day: Vanessa Paradis - Be my baby


  1. eto na, sad kad si ovo sve potrošila, možeš opet u shopping ;-)

  2. o super ideja:P zdej pa v shopping:) haha

  3. Hehe, a ni fajn filing, ko porabiš nekaj? Men je zmeraj. :) Sphyto me mika že nekaj časa, ampak cene so kar srhljive. Tonik porabim povprečno v treh mesecih, tako da mi je 26 eur hud udarec za denarnico ...

    Tale termalna voda od avene je tudi za make up? Ga ne razmaže? Zveni namreč zelo dobro!

  4. @ nail crazy & Pink_Diamond: Nič shoppinga zame, je še preveč zalog doma... :P

  5. @ Ulmiel: Ja, prav fajn je iztisnit še zadnje kapljice iz nekega izdelka :D

    Edino ravno pri Sophytu toniku me zaboli, ko je prazen! :S

    Ja, včasih si čisto narahlo popršim tudi make up, ko potrebuje(m) osvežitev. Ne, saj popršiš bolj od daleč in narahlo, tako da ni panike, da bi se razmazalo. Imaš pa to vodo v spreju na voljo v 3 velikostih - mislim, da v 50, 150 in 300 ml velikosti.

  6. Slažem se za Avene, obožavam. Pogotovo po ljeti, držim u fižideru pa se svako malo špricnem da se osvježim i super mi je za zvrka jer mu zna iskočit osip od vrućine i Avene to riješi bez problema. :)

  7. @ Lalica: O, super ideja tole s hladilnikom! Bom poskusila :)


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