June 26, 2011

Essence Meet Me @ Holografics TE

Someday, Essence, someday... When Holografics will be holo and not duo-chrome.

I found the display with Essence Meet Me @ Holografics TE just recently. Even though I have alerady known that not a single piece in this collection is actually holo, I took these home with me:

I would buy other polishes as well, but there were none left.


Today I wasn't in the mood for any "strong" colour on my nails, so I've decided to try out one of the two polishes on its own. Yes, I didn't even bother layering it over darker base. I'm lazy too.

Here it is - Prism@tic White, 2 coats:

Thanks for dropping by!

Song of the day: Falco - Rock Me Amadeus


  1. I love your nails, but I'm so disappointed with this TE. This one had so much potential, and it ended up being pretty lame.

    Having said that, I bought Blue ray and Lil@c nail polish and I like them so far, but they are not duochrome-y enough :(

  2. Maybe the next time they use the word holo they'll do a holo for real, though I seem to recall one of the polishes in the Ballerina TE? is referred to again as a holo. Why oh why??!!
    The only real holo TE they've done was Glam Rock, long before I had access to Essence.

  3. We still can't find this collection in stores, but I'm already sure that I will only get the blue one of the polishes!
    This one looks nice on you though :)

  4. @ Abigail: I think it was a big disappointment for all of us...

  5. @ marox79: I couldn't agree more!

    And I almost can't believe that Glam Rock TE actually had holos, yes. Luckily, I have two of those :)

  6. @ Elsa P.: I wanted the blue one as well, but it was already sold out.

    Thanks :)

  7. pretty! i would love it on my nails too! :) by the way im your new follower :) visit my blog :)

  8. @ Lauren: I'm glad that someone do like it too :)

  9. @ neelai: Thank you for your kind comment and for following me :)

  10. LOL-ing at "Rock Me Amadeus". Now it's stuck in my head!

  11. I ordered a few stuff from this collection, can't wait to see this!

  12. That polish looks great on your nails! The colour reminds me of one I used to have by L'oreal, and funnily enough that one was called Hologram collection! Lol

  13. @ rock-or-not: That's great! What did you order? :)

  14. @ Sara: Thanks :)

    Really? I didn't know about that L'Oreal collection...

  15. Oops I meant to say LA collection by L'oreal!
    It still had the word hologram on the front of the bottle though lol.
    My polish finished ages ago but I kept and used the bottle for frankening =] I did a little google-ing and found this which is the polish i'm talking about:
    Unfortunately there isn't any swatches, but it looks just like the polish your wearing =]

  16. @ Sara: Thank you very much for your answer!

    You actually finished a bottle of polish? It must have been good then... I don't think I'll ever able to do this ;)

  17. Hmm it reminds me a lot of Revlon Powder Puff with topcoat. Kind of a blue flash to it?

  18. @ cilucia: They do look similar as far as I can tell from the swatches I saw. But Essence has more of the pearl finish - visible brush strokes & co.

  19. Loving that color on you! It's simple and light.. very summery :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  20. @ Katie Elizabeth: Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment!

  21. Lol I owned it when my polish collection was tiny! I wore it almost always during high school so yupp it finished pretty fast! It was one of my fave polishes =]
    Haha I don't know if i'l be able to finish a bottle now though! =P


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