June 23, 2011

NOTD: Alessandro 242

I ran outside to take pictures of my today's manicure before sun hides again to provide some material for this post *lol*

I'm wearing mini nail polish from Alessandro in "lovely" number 242 that I got in a swap with a girl on Ars Cosmetica. I browsed the Internet to find something about this polish and an article on Parokeets blog says that this polish is from 2009 "Gipsy Look" LE.

It's a pretty red shade with very fine and barely visible shimmer in it:

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Song of the day: Billy Joel - It's still rock and roll to me


  1. zgodna bojica, šteta što je mini ;-)

  2. @ nail crazy: Že dolgo nisem imela neke take rdeče na nohtih...

  3. Such a pretty pretty colour! Its gorgeous =]

  4. I'm usually struggling with the light or with my sis to snap a pic of my mani, as she's a much better photographer than I am. I always snap a few shots myself as 'just in case' pics, lol.

  5. wow, truly stunning shade! it's a perfect red/pink with some shimmer to it. a true classic


  6. @ marox79: *lol*

    My camera works the best outside, especialy if there is some sun. Inside I just can't take a decent photo :S

  7. @ Vonnie: You described it just perfectly! Thank you :)


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