July 8, 2011

Essence Ballerina Backstage & Nails In Style Trend Editions

At my last trip to DM drugstore I found two currently available Essence's Trend Editions - Ballerina Backstage and Nails In Style. I must say I'm not very thrilled about these two collection. I could even say I'm disappointed...

I bought Ballerina Backstage nail polishes only because of Gejba's swatches (and because I feel so sad and down lately and I thought buying stuff will help) *lol*
I did, however wanted Eye Soufflé in Pas De Copper too, but they were all used. Ugh, I know there aren't any testers for the soufflés, but do you really have to stick your fingers in those products that somebody wants to buy?! Grrr... Blush looked nice though, but it totally disappeared while I was trying to blend it on my hand.

About Nails In Style TE... I don't know what to say... I just didn't like it when I saw the display. And I have read that nail foils aren't very good. I don't even know why I bought the polish I did. Blah.

Here are my picks from Ballerina Backstage:

- Nail Polish in 01 Dance The Swan Lake
- Nail Polish in 02 Wear Your Little Tutu
- Nail Polish in 05 Grand-Plie In Black
- Eye Soufflé in 01 Dance The Swan Lake.

And from Nails In Style:

- Nail Polish in 03 Style Me Love

What do you think about these two Trend Editions by Essence? Did you get anything?


  1. Bolj ko gledam swatche, manj me zanimata ti dve kolekciji. Bi pa rada kupila črn lak iz Ballerina Backstage kolekcije in eno folijo iz Nails In Style, da preizkusim to čudo, čeprav sem tudi jaz brala, da niso najboljše.

    Glede tvojega počutja pa upam, da se boš kmalu počutila bolje. :)

  2. @ Taya: Res sta bolj "tako tako" ti dve kolekciji. Kot sem rekla, sem jih kupila bolj zato, da se malo potolažim...

    Upam, da tudi ti najdeš, kar želiš!

    Hvala! :)

  3. I'd also say Ballerina Backstage was a disappointment, but I didn't expect much. I'm waiting for 50's girls reloaded, but perhaps it won't be available here :(
    About the testers - even if there ARE testers, some girls just love sticking their fingers in the unopened jars, so that everything on the display is used when I go to the store. An ugly and unpleasant sight...

  4. Uf, upam, da ni nič resnejšega glede počutja! Tiledve kolekciji me puščata čisto hladno, nič me ne zanima kaj preveč. Iz balerina LE bi morda vzela črnega z bleščicami, ampak mi po swatchih sodeč deluje kot slaba verzija Jordane Wicked, ki jo že imam in obožujem, tako da sem prišparala kak evrček. ;)

  5. I bought the black one with orange glitter and already wore it, love it :) the rest wasn't that interesting for me. Also have the pink one from nails in style great foil like finish covers in one coat. The other ones from this collection were not that special the blue one seems to be a dupe for the Blue Ray from meet me at holographics.

  6. @ Eli: I'm keeping my fingers cross that you will get 50's Reloaded TE :) It really looks like a promising trend edition...

  7. @ Ulmiel: Heh, "ups and downs"... Bo že...

    Drugače pa se strinjam - definitivno slabša verzije Jordane Wicked, ki sem jo imela in, jaz neumnica, dala naprej :S

  8. @ -Diana-: This black is probably the best buy anyway.
    I couldn't agree more - there are lots of dupes in Nails In Style Trend Edition. It seems that Essence lately recycles a lot of their previous colors... *lol*


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