July 29, 2011

Mineralissima Foundation Photos, Review & Swatches

Today's post will be about Mineralissima Mineral Makeup Foundation. I have included Mineral Primer and Chiffon Finish too, since I used them together with the foundation.

Products used in this post & their description:

Mineral Primer: A mattifying mineral primer suitable for the whole face but ideal for eye makeup.
My opinon: I recommend this primer to be used on oily areas of your face, if you're using it under the foundation, since it's mattifying primer.

Mineral Foundation 1.2 Neutral Light: Suitable for light skintones with neutral and warm undertones.
My opinion: This is very pale and neutral shade. It looks almost white on my skin. And there are even two lighter shades available. So if you have really fair skin tone, I'm pretty sure, you can find a match for yourself.

Mineral Foundation 2.0 Medium Light: Suitable for light and medium skintones with neutral undertones.
My opinion: I would describe my skin tone as a light (Winter) to medium (Summer) with yellow undertone. In the jar this foundation looked like a possible match for me, since it does have a slightest yellow undertone too, but once applied it looked neutral and was too light for me.

Mineral Foundation 3.0 Medium Warm: Suitable for medium skintones with warm and yellowish undertones.
My opinion: This shade has more of a peachy than yellow undertone, at least on my skin.

Chiffon Finish: An ultralight, silky mineral finishing powder. It is transparent and can be used alone or as a finishing touch after applying foundation. A must-have for a flawless-looking skin!
My opinion: This is probably the finest finishing powder I have tried so far. It is really so silky and it gives your face that "soft effect" look.

Foundation swatches:

Based on the foundation descriptions and swatches I have decided to try out Mineral Foundation in 2.0 Medium Light. Let's take a look how that turned out...

Here is my face before (not very pleasant sight, I know):

I started with applying Mineral Primer, but I used it only on my T-zone which is quite oily in my case. Afterwards I applied a layer of Mineral Foundation in 2.0 using EDM Flat Top brush and finished with a thin layer of Chiffon Finish. So, here is my face after:

Even if it doesn't look so, this shade was a bit too light for me in real life. But I really like the result - my skin tone looks pretty even, my red areas and some other imperfections are well covered (not completely though) and it feels like I don't have anything on my face.

Overall: If you like loose mineral foundation and you are looking for a one with light to medium coverage (coverage can be built), that feels weightless once applied and that gives you soft and natural look, you might want to check this one out.

Available at Mineralissima.com or at Moja Drogerija for Slovenian customers.

***Disclosure: Products in this post were sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***


  1. Ti sploh ne rabiš pudra. :) Meni je tvoja slikca brez tudi všeč. ♥ In kak maš lepe oči - temneee, moje najljubše. ♥

  2. @ Ivana: Jooj, najlepše hvala! Mi je kar malo nerodno :)

    Samo puder je pri meni nujen, saj vidiš, da sem cela rdeča in flekasta okoli nosu, po licih in bradi :S

  3. My sister bought the mineral makeup from Alverde in Berlin but hasn't used it yet. She meant to use in the summer but fell in love with her BB cream and didn't find the time to do it, lol.

  4. your skin looks lovely! I never tried mineral foundation...

  5. wow! its final effect is very nice! I'll look for this mineral foundation :)

  6. Hvala za review, zdaj me prav mika da bi sprobala to kozmetiko :)
    Pa zelo lepo kožo imaš in prelepe oči :)

  7. @ marox79: I haven't tried Alverde mineral foundation yet, but I do have mineral blush and eyeshadow from Alverde.

    I am looking forward to your sister's review once she will try it :)

  8. @ Big Vanity Box: Thanks! Once you find the right one for your skin, it can be nice alternative to other foundations.

  9. @ Alice: Thank you!

    I tried a whole lot of different mineral foundations before I found the one that really works for me.

  10. @ Neko: Vsekakor se splača preizkusit več različnih mineralnih podlag, da najdeš tisto, ki ti res ustreza. Jaz sem jih preizkusila kar precej in nekatere so mi bile "presuhe" in so se prašile, spet druge niso bile dovolj fino mlete, itd. Na srečo skoraj vsi ponujajo tudi testerje.

    Pa hvala za kompliment! :)

  11. Well, your face looks great without anything on it! ;)

    I'm looking forward to other swatches too! :)

  12. @ Vesna: I think you need some monitor adjustments ;) My face looks just horrible without foundation...

  13. You have really nice skin without foundation, don't be modest about it! :)
    I love the final effect, it doesn't look dry and powdery at all...

  14. @ YellowJade: Well, thank you very much for your kind comment! :)

  15. Mineralissima's coverage is great, but unfortunately this powder slides of my face within just a few hours. I like Meow Cosmetic's foundation much more.

  16. @ Sana: Really? I always use a layer of finishing powder or a primer on my T-zone before the foundation (since is quite oily) and a layer of it after applying foundation and this works for me just great.

    I had Meow foundation too a year or two ago and I loved it. But (very) high shipping at MC for full sized products is a reason I haven't ordered much from them since last year, I think.

  17. Hm, maybe I should try using it "your" way, because so far I only tried it over a moisturizer, no setting powder/primer or anything. Thanks :)

    Meow Comsetics have promotional codes every now and then, when they offer free international shipping, so that's when I order from them. The best way to find out about these codes is via Meow Cosmetic's Facebook page.

  18. @ Sana: Well, this is just the way I do it and I hope it will work for you too :)

    Do you have any favourites from Meow Cosmetics?

  19. My favourites are their foundations (in Pampered Puss), because they are so light (I only use the shade 0-Inquisitive) and because they last longer than any other mineral foundation I have tried so far.

    I tried a couple of their eyeshadows, but unfortunately I was disappointed. One was uneven in colour - it was supposed to be dark red, but it ended up being a mixture ob blackish and red spots. And the other e/s I tried did not last long, even on a good primer. Oh well, I think mineral eyeshadows simply aren't my thing :)

  20. @ Sana: Thanks for your comment!

    I have a lot of their e/s samples and so far haven't been dissapointed...


Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)