July 4, 2011

Top 10 Award

How are you doing?

Ugh, I must say that my lower back hurts... I guess I'm really not up to the pilates "swan dive" exercise yet *lol* But anyway, let's go on to the today's post!

Lately I've been given a couple of blog awards. Thank you very much, girls! I've said it before, but I really appreciated it :)

Today I'll do a post about the "Top 10 Award", since I have already received others before.

1.Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
2.Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3.List your top 10 products.
4.Choose 10 bloggers to give this award to.

Lovely girls who awarded me are: Ulmiel at Did someone say nail polish?, Bri at Beauty Blogger Bri, Lalica at Nails for fun, Emma at Emily's Beauty World and Nails From Fairy Tale. If I have by any chance missed anybody out, please, write so in the comment section :)

My favourite 10 products. Huh, let me think...
Avene Thermal Spring Water: I've mentioned it before - this is really versatile and a must have product in my skin care routine.
Sophyto Skin Care: Their products really works well with the skin like mine. As you may know, I have perioral dermatitis and Sophyto really helped me reduced PD areas. But sadly, they're quite expensive, so I only buy a product or two 1-2 times a year.
Nail polish: You should probably have seen this one coming *lol*. I really can't pick out any brand or anything, because there are so many pretty polishes out there.
Kiss Diamond Hard Strenghthening Basecoat: I've been using it for a couple of years now and it works for me.
BellaPierre Loose Mineral Foundation: I have tried many mineral foundations, but this one is my favourite.
Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Finishing Powder: Recently discovered and it instanly made it in the top ten.
NYX Round Lipstick: I have only few shades, but I reach for them really often.
Mineral eyeshadows by Meow Cosmetics and The She Space (sadly, TSS company doesn't exist anymore): Awesome colours, great pigmentation... I love them!
Alverde Calendula Lip Balm: Great lip balm, that is organic and cheap too.
Blushes, highlighters & co.: Well, you know I have a slightest obsession with cheek products... *lol*

Now I should pass this award on 10 other bloggers, but it's gonna be a hard one - I follow so many awesome bloggers that I really don't know who to pick!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aw bless you sweety! Thanks sooo much for the award! =D

  2. Love all your Top 10 products. I'll have a difficult time choosing for my post. ;) Thanks so much for the award, hon!

  3. @ Madeline: I can't wait to see your "top 10" products! ;)

  4. @ Shang J.: You are very welcome! :)

    Your comment has just made me very curious about your "Top 10" :)

  5. wat a nice make up blog u hav here ,,,Biba

    . I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
    I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
    The Emotional Lava
    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  6. *lol* swan dive exercise? that sounds really scary!! :-))

  7. Get well soon,and give more and more good tips to us.I love all of them and would lick to see you always in best part of your life and health.Yonka.

  8. @ CATGIRL: Thank you very much for stopping by and for your kind words about my blog!

    I will visit your blog too :)

  9. @ Blusherine: Well, it is scary, but only when you see me doing this exercise :D

  10. @ Yonka: Thank you very much for stopping by and for your kind comment! :)

  11. Tale termalna voda me čedalje bolj mika. Moram najti tvoj prispevek o njej, če ga imaš. Če ga pa nimaš, pa prosim zanj. :D Ker je bila moja prva asociacija na to vodo vedno "nepotreben izdelek", pa me zanima kaj točno je na njej, ker sem slišala že nekaj pohval.

  12. @ Ulmiel: Nekega posebnega prispevka o Avene termalni vodi nimam. Nekaj malega je napisanega v tej objavi: http://bibasbeautycorner.blogspot.com/2011/06/empty-1.html

    Sama jo res uporabljam na vse mogoče načine - zjutraj namesto tonika, čez dan za osvežitev obraza in lasišča, za pomiritev kože na obrazu...

    Po drugi strani, pa čisto zna biti nekomu "nepotreben izdelek" ;)


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