August 16, 2011

Beauty Trends For Fall 2011

Lovely Aleya was kind enough to write another guest post for you, dearest readers of Biba's Beauty Corner. This time is about Beauty Trends for this Fall. Tell me, do you follow beauty trends? Do you buy any seasonal collections by leading beauty brands or any selected items from these collections - we all know the hype over Chanel nail polish last few of seasons, don't we?

Beauty Trends For Fall 2011

Have you had a chance to check out the hot beauty trends for fall 2011? I'm so excited about the rich colors and bold looks.

Stand Out Eyes
There are three big trends that we’re seeing for the eyes alone. First, is metallic colored eye shadow which is not only shown for evening wear collections but for daytime as well. Next, fatten up the lines that you draw with your eye liner by drawing thick bold lines instead of thin ones. Most designers are using black, but there are some who are using bright colors as well. Finally top it off with mascara that makes your lashes look like long skinny spider legs (so much for finding a thickening mascara).

Pow Lips
In a word: RED. Any shade of red that you can think of is going to be in for fall. Choose from bold dazzling true red to a sophisticated sultry berry red.

Soft Cheekbones
Lightly apply some pink blush high up on your cheekbones to look as if you’re a tad bit flushed. Don’t overdo it because the point is to look innocent.

Braid Away
The ultimate way to get an innocent look (after you’ve applied blush) is to wear your hair in braids. Wear them up, down, to the side, half done, in a ponytail, maiden style, any style.

Go Boy
Since menswear is back are is the beauty trend that goes with it. Apply some neutral makeup and either cut your hair or put it back for a toned down boy look. If you want to go punk try spiking you hair (the way 20 something guys look when they roll out of bed) and apply that thick liner we spoke about earlier.

Finger Nails
So many choices so little time. Nail trends include sheer nail polish (goes great with the menswear trend), metallic nail polish in dark shades and all sorts of French manicure designs.

Ponytails are everywhere. The trick to this falls ponytail style is that you have to iron your hair to get it as straight as possible and then pull it back. Whether you should wear it high up or by the base of your neck is really up to you.

The fall trends bring a classic yet modern warmth to your beauty routine. Enjoy.

This post was written by Aleya who’s the owner of Spontaneous Chick where you can find beauty & health tips for women and other women's issues.


  1. Zanimivi trendi =). Škoda, da sem se ravno zdaj postrigla, da ne bo čopkov čez jesen =).

  2. @ colorfulbottle: Hehe! Sem tudi jaz kratkolasa, tako da nič čopkov tudi zame :)

    Moram pa reči, da so mi ponavadi ravno jesenske kolekcije lakov za nohte najlepše...

  3. I'm looking forward to lots of red lips. And hopefully fewer nude lips. Hm.

  4. And what do to if red doesn't look good on my lips? :(

  5. @ purplegreenpanda: Yay for red lips! :D

    What's your favourite red lipstick?

  6. @ Marina: Maybe you just haven't found the right red lipstick for you... Do you have warm or cool skin udertone? Or maybe you should try with red lipglos for a start :)

  7. I don't have one. I haven't figured out how to wear red! lipstick well. This would be a good season to learn though! :D But I love Revlon lipgloss in Fire. Lipgloss doesn't show mistakes as much. Perfect for me haha!

  8. @ purplegreenpanda: Oh, wow! This Revlon lipgloss looks beautiful!


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