August 21, 2011

Empty! #3

Here is another post in my "Empty!" series. Let's see which products I have finished recently:

1. Ebelin Maxi Cotton Pads; around 0,80 €.
My favourite cotton pads! I use them for removing make up & nail polish, applying toner etc. They are larger than regular ones, oval shaped and made of 100% cotton. Evethough they are so compact, are still soft, they don't leave any mini fibers behind and you can use them on both sides (each side is meant for a different purpose).
Repurchase: Oh, yes!

2. Alverde Oriental Feeling Shower Milk with Macadamia & Karite; 1,45€.
I usually buy Alverde shower gels in various versions, since they are cheap and have a certificat for natural/organic cosmetics. This one has the same smell as their body butter which I really like a lot. So this one smells nicely, doesn't give much foam (but I don't mind that) and the important thing -  it doesn't dry out my skin even if don't apply body lotion or something afterwards. 
Repurchase: Yes.

3. Ikove Organic Amazonian Acerola Bath & Shower Gel; the original price was 9,90€, but I bought it 50% off, so it was 4,95€ I think.
I used this only when I took hot baths. I really enjoy having hot bath once a week, evethough this probably isn't very good for the skin. I've noticed that all Ikove products have very special smell - either you like it or you don't. I like it. They have sort of herbal scent - they contain rosemary, which hazel etc. And this one has a similar scent with the touch of something more citrus-y. It foams nicely, I love the scent and it is also certified with Ecocert certificat and Fair Trade.
Repurchase: If I ever find it again for 50% off yes, otherwise no.

4. Avon Anew Beauty Lifting Eyeshadow in Bare; I can't even remeber how much this was - I think the original price for these is 11€, but I bought it for a few € less, around 8 or 9€.
I've had this liquid eyeshadow for at least a year and half. It was my most used base for eyeshadows (luckily I have a back up of this one, since this shade is no longer available here). The texture is smooth, velvety and easy to blend. I applied it with the brush applicator to the lid and then blend it with my fingers. It looks a lot like a concealer - natural beige shade that matches my skin almost completely. I've never had any problems with eyeshadows I used over this - whether they were loose or pressed, they all blended nicely and lasted the entire time I've had them on.
But since I've never used this liquid eyeshadow on it's own, I can't say anythig about the staying power and creasing when worn like this.
Except the tube isn't very practical - it's a solid plastic tube that you can't squeeze or cut, so there is still some product left in there, but I can't get it out
Repurchase: I would, but I do have an extra tube and since this shade is no longer available, I can't.

5. Afrodita Aroma Oil-based Polish Remover; around 2,80€.
This is my favourite nail polish remover. I like oil-based removers, since they don't dry out my nails and sort of glide more smoothly over the nails. This one gets the job done quickly, easily, without too much rubbing and my nails and cuticle don't feel dry after using it. It's not the cheapest on the market, but definitely the best in my opinion. And it's a product made in Slovenia.
Repurchase: Yes!

Which products have you finished recently?


  1. uh dobra si, da ti rata vse do konca porabit:) ok, vatko, odstranjevalec laka za nohte to tudi meni rata:) kakšne shower gele pa ponavadi prej vrzem v smeti:P ker se že nekaj časa valajo po kopalnici:) hehe

  2. Meni tud ponavadi uspe blazinice in odstranjevalce laka kar hitro porabit. Pa mogoče še za tuširanje, ker se (dokaj) dosledno držim tega, da ne kupim nič novega dokler že skoraj ne zmanjka.

  3. @ Pink_Diamond: Se trudim. LOL. Drugače pa nikoli nimam več kot 2 ali 3 različnih gelov za tuširanje naenkrat in to se tako hitro porabi...

  4. @ Mateja: Saj tudi meni gredo od rok izdelki, ki jih uporabljam za vsakodnevno nego, se pravi ravno geli za tuširanje, kakšen losjon za telo. Blazinice in odstranjevalec pa včasih še prehitro porabim...

  5. Never heard of oil-based nail polish removers. Sounds great!

  6. @ marox79: They're great! You might wanna try them :)

  7. Afrodotini ostranjevalci so meni najboljši, ampak tega pa še nisem probala. Ga bom kupila, ko porabim sedanjega. Blazinice pa so nekaj, kar jaz zelo zelo hitro porabim.

  8. I totally love the idea to do a post on things you've used up ... I think I'll start doing that, too :)

    As for the Afrodita's Polish Remover - it really is quite pricey, considering the cost of polish removers by say Ebelin etc. But it's nice to see that people still buy stuff from Slovenian brands - I have a face cream by Afrodita and I love it :)

  9. @ Taya: Kateri pa je tvoj favorit od Afordite?

  10. @ Sana: I'm glad you like these kind of posts. I usually get very little response on them, so I didn't even know, if anybody is iterested at all and if I should continue with this series or not...

    I can't wait to see which products you use and your opinion about them.

  11. BB natura ima spet 40% znižanje na Ikove izdelke... :)

  12. Zanimivo, jaz imam tudi tole Avonovo senčko in mi ni ravno najljubša ker ni obstojna, nisem pa nikoli pomislila, da bi jo uporabljala le kot bazo-bom probala, hvala za nasvet

  13. @Biba: At around 2.80 EUR it is not that expensive imo. I'll keep an eye open on these oil-based nail polish removers. Any ideas if there are more (international) brands that make them?
    Is the scent very strong? My mum can't stand the smell of nail polish removers and I almost have to sneak somewhere else to get my polish off.

    I like these posts, so feel free to keep them up.

  14. @ MissDoll: No, torej se sama ne obnese najbolje? Meni kot baza za senčke super deluje :)

  15. @ marox79: Well, it's expensive compared to Essence's nail polish remover which is like 0,70 or 0,80€. Sadly, I don't know any other brands that make them...

    This one smells just nicely compared to the acetone based ones - not very strong at all.

    Thank you for your kind words :)

  16. that's a great goal :) congrats! I 've never done a pp10 since i don't own a lot of products :)

  17. @Biba: Umm, I think Essence is sold a bit more expensive here, then. I'll check the next time I get something from Essence, but I think these are about 1.99 or something. Could be wrong.

  18. @ marox79: Oops, I think I have mixed up Essence and Ebelin (which is DM's house brand). Sorry :)

  19. Fun to see this! I can't remember what the last thing I used up was--maybe a shampoo.

  20. Čestitke za Nihridino nagrado, sem ti malo fouš ampak si jo ti bolj zaslužiš kot jaz. Upam pa da bomo kmalu videli kaj ustvarjaš :)

    Sem probala Avonovo senčilo za bazo in moram rečt, da je prestalo 10 urni test, najlepša hvala za super idejo, by


  21. @ MissDoll: Najlepše hvala! Se bom vsekakor potrudila, da ustvarim kaj :)

    Me veseli, da ti je ideja prišla prav. Bo mogoče tako ta senčka kmalu tudi med tvojimi porabljenimi izdelki ;)

  22. @Biba: I've been exploring the local stores here and no luck. There are no oil-based nail polish removers here. All we have 'enriched with oils'. I've googled similar products and the cheapest available thing comes at 11 € for 150ml from an Italian brand.
    La Loca de los Esmaltes from the blog Todos los esmaltes son pocos found another one from a store that sells natural products, but it was like 50 ml and 8 €, so don't you ever complain about that product being expensive, lol!!

  23. @ marox79: Oh, wow! Thank you for the detailed report. I guess I really shouldn't complain about the price :)


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