August 14, 2011

Eyeko Cheeky Colour In Glow Getter Photos, Review & Swatches

As promised in this announcement, here is the first of two Eyeko's blushes I'm going to show you.

Eyeko Cheeky Colour Glow Getter has two sides: "Pale iridescent pink, perfect for a pinch of colour for pale skinned beauties or as flattering highlighter for dark skinned honeys." (official description)



What do I think about Eyeko Cheeky Colour Glow Getter? Lovely pink shades, both colours are very shimmery - maybe a bit too much for my taste. It's good pigmented - the lighter shade is pretty much a highlighter, but the darker one (or both blended together) gives a nice flush of colour to my cheeks. Since this is baked pressed powder, the texture isn't so soft, but it's comparable to the other baked blushes I own. The texture is very fine and easy to blend though.

Blush comes in a cute but bulky plastic container that has extra compartment for the brush that is enclosed and there is a mini mirror in that compartment too. I usually don't like brushes that come with cheek products and this one is no exception - it's too small and a bit scratchy.

Do you own any Eyeko Cheeky Colour blush?

* Eyeko izdelki so na voljo v spletni trgovini Čarodejka.

***Disclosure: Product in this post was sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***


  1. Zgleda simpatično, ampak jaz sem bolj za mat rdečila :)

  2. @ .sparkle*: Sicer imam jaz rada shimmrasta rdečila za lička, ampak ta je tudi zame malo preveč svetleč :)

  3. cute pinks. i like that they are called glow getter!

  4. @ Oh to Be a Muse: I like the cute name too! :)

  5. Jaz ne znam uporabljat rdečila. :S Jih imam doma enih par in ko si jih nanesem zgledam kot klovn. :D Lohk bi kak vodič spisala. :)

  6. @ elchy: Vaja dela mojstra ;) Jaz sem pogledala kar precej tutorialov na YT, preden mi je bilo jasno kako in zakaj.

  7. sreća moja pa ne koristim rumenila ;-)


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