August 13, 2011

NYX Powder Blush In Red Photos, Review & Swatches

NYX Powder Blush in Red was also a part of my last order at Moja Drogerija (Slovenian web store). I've been looking for a red blush for quite sometime now. And eventhough I've bought Alverde Mineral Rouge in Cherry recently - which is loose mineral powder, I wanted one in a pressed powder form as well. So I ordered this one.

When opened the package with my order and I saw this blush, I was like: "Uhmmm, it looks quite terrifiying and loud!" Well, it is! LOL.



NYX Powder Blush in Red isn't exactly a true red, but it has slight pink undertone and it's a matte shade. It's definitely very highly pigmented, so light hand is recomended when applying this blush. The texture is quite smooth and soft, but it takes some effort to blend it properly.

The packaging, again nothing special - a bit cheap looking plastic container, but sturdy and functional.

Would you wear this blush?


  1. predivna nijansa. imam jedno nyx rumenilo i presavršeno je!

  2. Uh ta je pa zelo močna. No ne vem če bi jo ravno nosila. Imam raje tiste, ki so v osnovi bolj na rjavkasto.

  3. @ Maybe: Tudi meni so všeč NYX blushi. Samo tega sploh ne vem, če bom upala nositi - tako je živa barva :)

  4. @ Mateja: Ja, je res zelo močna barva O.o

    Jaz imam sicer rada rdečkaste odtenke, samo ta je mogoče malo too much za mene :D

  5. Odlično izgleda nijansa! Začudo, njihova obična rumenila još nisam probala, ali njihova kremasta su mi odlična! <3

  6. i would wear it, wish that i'd seen it before buying expensive nars Exhibit A!

    Vonnie of

  7. @ Alice: Oh, yes! Super pigmented is the word here :D

  8. @ Beauty addict: Jaz pa ravno še njihovih kremnih blushev nisem preizkusila :)

  9. @ Vonnie: I'm still gathering courage to wear such a bright blush on my face. LOL.


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