September 14, 2011

Pretty Little Box

On Monday afternoon I had coffee with my fellow blogger Mateja. She actually has two blogs, you might wanna check them out - a beauty one called Mateja's Nails and a creative one called Matejina Ustvarjalnica.

On our coffee dates we usually swap some nail polish or cosmetics, but on Monday she surprised me with this pretty little box she has made herself:

And this was inside of the box:

It was full of material for jewelry making and I was really super excited about it. Some of you may know that I make earrings from time to time and some of you even own a pair or two that I've made. Well, I haven't made them for quite some time now, but this box and Mateja, of course, gave me some ideas again.

Thank you very much, Mateja!

Song of the day: Alice Cooper - Love's a loaded gun


  1. O, a tvojo škatlico sem občudovala že na Matejinem blogu!

    Lepa je! In glej, da boš pokazala kakšne uhane, ki jih boš ustvarila!

  2. Ja potem pa le pokaži kaj si naredila iz vsega tega :)

  3. @ Amikadeja: Ja, ta je bila zame :)

    Sicer sem čisti amater kar se tiče ustvarjanja, ampak takoj ko mi bo kaj uspelo, pokažem.

  4. @ Mateja: Bom, bom! Sicer ne bo nič kaj tako lepega, kot so tvoji izdelki...

  5. Če boš imela probleme, pa se lahko kar povabiš k meni na "inštrukcije" hehe

  6. baš je krasna, a mateja je jako kreativna cura :-D
    sad ćeš nam morati pokazati naušnice koje iz ovog niknu ;-D

  7. @ nail crazy: Ja, Mateja obvlada te zadeve :)

    Se bom potrudila in pokazala kakšno umetnijo. LOL

  8. Mmm, I think you're going to have fun with the contents of that package.
    I hope you share with us your creations.
    I don't think I'd have the patience for that kind of craft project.

  9. @ marox79: Especially during the Winter when evenings are long and you can't stay out very long, I need something to do. Last Fall and Winter I created about 150 or 200 pairs of earrings. LOL. So all my friend got few pairs for Christmas, birthdays and so on :D

  10. ooo she was very cute and kind...and creative!! I'd like to do craft project but I'm a little lazy :D

  11. @ Alice: Yes, she is very creatice and super kind!

    I'm lazy too, but sometimes I get "itchy finger" and I feel the need to do something creative. LOL


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