October 27, 2011

Anti-Aging Tips For Women

You probably remember Aleya, the lovely lady who has already written a couple of guest posts for Biba's Beauty Corner before. Well, today she's back with another guest post, this time we're going to read about anti-aging tips for women. We all want to stay healty and young looking for as long as it's possible, don't we. Here are few tips how we can achieve this. Let's take a look...

Anti-Aging Tips For Women

Women have always gone above and beyond to look more beautiful and to appear to be younger. Today more than ever we are blasted by advertisements telling us that we should buy certain products that will do just that. The problem is that many of these products don’t work. We’re literally buying hope in a bottle. However, this is not always the case. There are many ways that we can look and feel younger and there are products out there than can help us on our way.

Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles:
Dark circles can make you appear to be tired and older than you really are. The best way to get rid of it is by taking vitamin K every day so that your skin gets balanced from the inside out. Applying fresh minced mint with a hint of lemon juice or applying chamomile tea bags to your eyes for ten minutes a day for two weeks can also help you out. However, if you choose to wear concealer to cover it up until the circle has diminished you should be sure to remove it as soon as you get home and especially before going to bed at night. The longer these cosmetics are on your skin the worse your skin will become.

Wear The Right Makeup Colors:
Sure bold eye shadow colors may be in fashion right now, but on a more mature woman it simply doesn’t work the way it does on a twenty something girl. Instead try different shades of taupe, gold, pink and brown to see which ones work best to make your eyes stand out and suite your style.

Go Easy On Accents:
Mascara and liquid liner are great for creating glamorous looks but you have to be careful with your technique one you’re over the age of 40. Skip the liquid liner and try a pencil one for a lighter and gentler touch. Toss the thickening mascara for one that gives your lasher a little bit of color without making them look overdone. The more simple the liner and mascara the more youthful you will appear.

Purchase a good moisturizer that is made for your skin type. You’ll find that over the years your skin becomes drier so you should try moisturizers that contain glycerin so that they hold on to moisture. You should also look into skincare lines that contain fruit and flower extracts that will revitalize, tighten and moisturize your skin.

Use SPF:
No matter which season you’re in or how cold it is outside you must apply SPF to your skin every day. While we need vitamin D from the sun, too much of it can cause age spots and wrinkles. Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important things that you can do to keep it younger and stronger.

Eat Right:
Your skin needs proper nourishment to look its best. Start by drinking eight glasses of water daily so that you remain hydrated throughout the day and so that you can flush toxins out of your body. As far as food goes, stay away from foods that are high in fat. You should incorporate more lean meats, fat free dairy, whole grains and lots of fruits and leafy green veggies to your daily eating habits. Some people think that healthy foods have no flavor but this is totally untrue. Steamed veggies have just as much flavor as a plate of fries. You’ll find that by eating right not only will you feel better but you’ll look better as well.

Take Vitamins:
No matter how well we eat, we’ll never get the recommended daily amount of Vitamins B, C, E and K all of which help to give our skin a healthy glow and good elasticity. Therefore it is suggested that you should take a multi vitamin every day so that you get all of the benefits that these vitamins can give you. For best results take them in the morning rather than at night.

Time and time again research has proven that exercising regularly can keep us younger. A regular workout regimen helps to reduce stress so that your body feels firmer and fights unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. It also gets rid of the toxins that are floating around in our bodies causing our skin to look grey and dull. If you don’t like working out indoors then go for brisk walks outdoors. You’ll get the same results.

Before we have kids we can sleep like the dead. However once the cute little bundles of joys arrive sleep becomes a thing of the past because we’re always running to catch up with what we haven’t gotten done throughout the day. Your health is more important than anything else that you have to do and so you should go to bed early enough that you get your eight hours of shuteye. This way your stress level will go down, your eyes will be brighter, you won’t have such dark under eye circles and if you’re still worried about your chores you can have more energy to get them done tomorrow.

As a last resort there are procedures such as botox and laser treatments that you can do to look younger but they will only give you short term results if you don’t take care of yourself properly first.

This post was written by Aleya who works in collaboration with Allu Skincare.


Which tips you're already following? Be honest :)


  1. Vsaka ženska naj bi to vse že vedela, vendar je dobro, če nas od časa do časa kdo opomni na vse te dejavnike. :) Super post! <3

  2. Even though these tips aren't aimed right at me, they'l def come in very handy for when I need them in the future!
    Amazing post, helped a lot and has taught me to start wearing SPF more regularly =]

  3. @ moonchild: Ja, se strinjam - vse to že verjetno "vemo", a nisem prepričana, da smo vse tako pridne, da bi to upoštevale :D

  4. @ Sara: Oh, it's never too soon to start take for ourselves. It's a good investment for the future :)

    Thank you for you kind comment! I'm glad you find this post useful.

  5. Hm... let me think... I am trying to drink a lot of water but sometimes I forget it :)
    Befor sleep I apply eyecream... I exercise and sleep a lot :)
    That`s it.

    Great post.

  6. @ Ana: You're in the right direction ;)

    Thank you!

  7. hvala na savjetima... ja ionako izgledam premlado za svoje godine :-p

  8. @ nail crazy: Tudi jaz izgledam tako... Očitno zelo dobro skrbiva zase :D :P


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