October 5, 2011

BM Beauty Eyeshadow Swatches

Have you heard of BM Beauty Mineral Makeup before? I did some Google searching, found their website and apparently the company is based in Scotland.

I have received a few eyeshadow samples from Nina at Specia.si and here are the swatches (made without any base underneath):

Dusty Road: "Golden shimmery beige."

Her Majesty: "Shimmery pink/gold."

Platinum Tiara: "Rich, sparkly grey."

Have you tried any of their products?

Za vse slovenske navdušenke nad mineralnimi ličili: BM Beauty ličila so na voljo na LilyLolo.si.

* PR Samples


  1. These look great! It's exactly the kind of shimmer I like :)

  2. Hi Biba! These swatches look so so pretty! All of the colors look really really great! I have never heard of the brand though!

  3. @ Eli: I like shimmery shades too! :)

  4. @ Blusherine: I've never heard of them before either... But I really like these eyeshadows :)

  5. @ SadeeStyle: It is! I think I'll use it as a blush too :)

  6. Nisam probala njihova sjenila, prvi put čujem za njih :D

  7. Hey Biba! Thank you for your sweet comment on my page =] I missed reading through your blog so much but i'm glad i'v caught up with it now =D
    Loved everything you'v shown!
    These shadows are great btw, never heard of the brand but they look nice and pigmented =] I hope you have fun playing around with them!

  8. @ Beauty and Sweets blog: Tudi jaz še nisem slišala zanje, dokler nisem dobila teh samplov :D

    A tale senčila so lepa, fina in dobro pigmentirana.

  9. @ Sara: Hi Sara! I'm glad you stopped by :) It was probably whole lot of reading, huh...

    I just love playing around with make up, yes. LOL.


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