October 6, 2011

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Swatches

Here is the last post about Lily Lolo samples I've received to swatch them for you. This time it's all about eyeshadows!

Let's take a look at the swatches (made without any base underneath; photos clickable as always):

African Violet: " A grey/purple mineral eyeshadow. Use with Parma Violet or Golden Lilac for a lovely twist on smoky eyes."

Cream Soda: "A soft matte creamy beige mineral eyeshadow. Cream Soda makes a great base for other mineral eyeshadows, and is a great colour for a natural daytime look."

Greyzie Daze: "A deep bluey grey eyeshadow with a matte finish. Perfect for adding depth to the sockets in the outer corners and makes a fabulous eyeline when applied wet. A great shade for smoky eyes."

Gunmetal: "A rich sparkly grey mineral eyeshadow. Great for smoky eyes."

Hush: "A matte, pale peachy pink. Makes a lovely wash over the eyelids, or apply in the inner corners to brighten and give a wide-eyed effect - a perfect daytime shade or for use as a base."

Miami Taupe: "A silky soft, smoky taupe eyeshadow - perfect for adding subtle definition to your eyes. With a slight shimmer and velvety finish Miami Taupe is one of our absolute favourites."

Moonlight: "A rich, luxurious and glistening chocolate brown eyeshadow, perfect for adding depth or makes a stunning eye liner."

Mudpie: "A rich matte brown mineral eyeshadow. Great used to deepen eyebrow colour with the angled brow brush."

Mystery: "A creamy matte grey/green mineral eyeshadow. Mystery makes a great all over wash colour as a base for smoky eyes."

Orchid: "A pretty soft white mineral eye shadow with a slight shimmer. Orchid makes a great highlighter."

Pink Champagne: "A subtle pink mineral eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer."

Soft Brown: "A soft matte brown mineral eyeshadow with pinky undertones. Soft brown is perfect for achieving the barely there natural look."

Lily Lolo eyeshadows are great in general - so soft, buttery and mostly great pigmented. My favourites when it comes to pigmentation and texture are Cream Soda, Moonlight and Orchid. I also really like African Violet, Greyzie Daze and Miami Taupe. The only disappointment was Mystery which is really poorly pigmented and it applies a bit uneven too.

Which shades do you like the most?

Mineralna ličila Lily Lolo so na voljo na LilyLolo.si.

* PR Samples


  1. ja ću Greyzie Daze i Gunmetal, hvala ;-)

  2. You don't usually see very pigmented whites and Orchid is.
    Nice collection.

  3. @ marox79: I know! I was really amazed how pigmented this one is...

  4. Pink Champagne looks lovely. I'm currently in a pink phase, so no wonder I like it :)

  5. @ Olivia: It really is a lovely pink shade :)

  6. Gunmetal and Miami Taupe are GORGEOUS!

  7. Lily Lolo imam blazno rada, senčke so zakon. Je že skrajni čas, da si še kakšno privoščim ... čeprav imam baje prepoved kupovanja senčk. *vzdih* Ripe Plum je ena mojih najljubših ever. :)

  8. @ jbrobeck: Yep, I agree! And pretty versatile shades too.

  9. @ Ulmiel: Res so super senčila! Imaš že katero na wish listi? :)

  10. Great collection. I'm planning to buy some Lily Lolo eyeshadows.

  11. @ CopyCat: Yes, they are! Except the Mystery - I was dissapointed about that one.

  12. @ PureMorning: Thank you! Sadly, I only have these in the sample form.

    Which ones are you planning to get?

  13. Na WL jih imam kar nekaj. :D Ampak TOP WL je pa Khaki Sparkle, Witchypoo in pa eno nevtralnejše svetlo rjavo za blendanje. Morda Vanilla Shimmer ali kaj podobnega, moram malce osvežiti spomin. Oh, pa African Violet, sem skorajda pozabila. Mislim, da bi se odlično razumela z Deep Purple ki ga že imam. :)

    V glavnem, čisto preveč vsega. :D

  14. @ Ulmiel: Khaki Sparkle je res čudovit! Vanilla Shimmer bi imela tudi jaz :D

    Kako pa je bilo na tečaju ličenja z Lily Lolo? Saj si bila ti izžrebana na FB, ne? :)

  15. beautiful post!
    thank you for this swatches.
    Hugs from Italy! :)


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