November 1, 2011

Empty! #5

I've managed to finish another 5 cosmetic products. Let's take a look which ones!

1. Madara Anti-Cellulite Cream; Regular price around 25€, I've bought it for 12,75€ (50% off).
I didn't use this cream the way I "supposed to" (2x a day in combintaion with other products from this line), so I can't exactly say that I have noticed any changes and that my cellulite is reduced or gone. But I quite liked this cream - it has nice and soft texture, lovely and subtle smell, it applies smoothly and absorbs quickly too. My skin looked nourished and a bit firmer after using it. But there are a lot of cheaper products to use it daily after shower to keep my skin nourished, since I don't believe in anti-cellulite products anyway. Madara products have Eco-Cert certificate for natural and organic cosmetics.
Repurchase: Probably no. Well, maybe I would, if I got it for the same discount price.

2. Trevarno Propolis Ointment; I think the full price was around 15 or 16€, but I've bought it with 70% discount, so I have payed around 5€.
"The salve is great for sore, cracked & split skin including chapped lips, cracked heels & any rough skin, especially the elbows.
Propolis has anti-fungal properties which means it is excellent for treating athlete’s foot as well as nail infections."
I just loved the smell of this ointment! I have used this only for my feet and I must say they were very happy. This product has a very rich texture - basically oils in a solid form. So, yes my feet were very oily after using it, but it really helped me a lot with dry skin on my heels.
Repurchase: The same as above ^ - Probably no, since is a bit expensive for me. Well, maybe I would, if I got it for the same discount price.

3. Essence Oil Control Paper (Return to Paradise TE); I can't remember the exact price anymore, but I think it was around 2€.
Since I have oily T-zone, oil control papers are always in my bag. These papers were actually from Return to Paradise Trend Edition, but I think Essence has these in their standard line too. I use 1 or 2 papers to remove excess oil off my face and these work out just fine for me.
Repurchase: Yes.

4. Sophyto Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment; 32,90€.
The best exfoliator ever! Since I have perioral dermatitis and my skin can react very quickly, I usually avoid exfoliators, but this one is awesome. It has really interesting texture compared to the other exfoliating products - it's almost like water. It has really light watery texture and it's sort of yellow/brown coloured. 1 or 2 pumps are enough for entire face. I used it regulary every other day in the evening and the bottle lasted me for six month. My skin looked just glowy and not irritated at all after using it.
This is still the old packaging that contains 50 ml/1.7 us fl. oz. While the new one contains 30 ml of product and it costs 22,90€.
Repurchase: Yes! Actually I have already repurchased it just recently - click.

5. Essential Care Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash; 19,90€.
I've been using this facial for about two years now. It's a part of my morning skin care routine. It's a pearly white gel with a hint of green. When I mixed it with water I get some foam, it's easy to apply and to wash off. Skin looks cleaned, refreshed and it doesn't dry out my skin. I love the smell - it's really like smelling lemon and tea tree - very refreshing and invigorating. Essential Care products are certified organic by Soil Association Organic Standard.
Repurchase: Yes, definitely!

I have noticed that I'm quite cheap when it comes to my body skin care, but when it comes to my face, I spend quite some money. But that's only because there aren't many products that would suit the crazy skin on my face.

Do you use any of these products or have any question about them?

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  1. I guess we all spend more on our face than on our body care products.
    I don't believe in anti cellulite treatments either. They help (some) but only if combined with more exercise and healthy eating.

  2. Super post! :) In ja, mislim, da vsi damo več na obraz, kot na telo - Jaz za losjon niti pod razno ne bi dala več kot 10 eur (pa še to v skrajnem primeru), pri kremi za obraz se pa ta meja dvigne nekje do 50 eur. Morda tudi zato, ker se manj porabi.. :)

  3. Yay well done for finishing these! I need to start an empty series too!

  4. @ marox79: O.k. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who think so :)

  5. @ CopyCat: You're welcome! I hope you find them useful :)

  6. @ moonchild: O, hvala!

    Razmišljava torej nekje v isti smeri... :)

  7. @ Sara: Yay for empty products :D

    I would love to find out which products do you use and like them or not.


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