September 29, 2011

Lumiere Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

I'm back with another post about Lumiere Cosmetics. Today I have for you swatches of eyeshadows that were sent to me along with some other samples.

I must say I'm really impressed by the eyeshadows I've got - fantastic colours, amazing pigmentation... I only have three colours though: Chocolate Covered Cherries, Raspberry Truffle and Taupe, but I sure want some more.

Swatches (made with slightly damp applicator, because of the sparkles/glitter they contain):

Chocolate Covered Cherries is described as "medium deep berry brown with LOADS of cherry colored sparkles". When I opened this jar, my jaw almost dropped - I saw a gorgeous and rich brown shade full of sparkles. I don't have anything like this in my collection and I have a LOT if mineral make up.

Raspberry Truffle is "medium deep brown with LOADS of raspberry sparkles". Like with the Chocolate Covered Cherries, I was staring at the jar once I opened it. I just love brown eyeshadows and this shade is no exception.

Taupe is very special too. It's "gray, purple and brown all rolled into one" as the official description says and I couldn't say it better. I only wish I could captured how this shade shifts under the different angles.

All I can say, I fell in love with these eyeshadows. They are currently my nuber one - they even beat Meow Cosmetics & The She Space eyeshadows that were my favourite so far. As I said before - great pigmentation and awesome colours. I do recommend that you use some sticky base underneath because of the sparkles.

If you go through the shades Lumiere Cosmetics is offering, I'm sure your wish list will be long. You can get mini jar sample for 5$ and large jar for 8$.

* PR Samples

September 27, 2011

Nail Mail!

Oh yeah! After quite some time I've received a nail mail again :D

I did a swap with Heather recently. She's my follower, but she doesn't have a blog, so I can't give you the link to her. But I must say she's such a great and amusing e-mail buddy.

Here are the goodies she has sent me:

- Nfu Oh 61
- China Glaze Electric Lilac
- Mini Benefit Coralista (so pretty)
- Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance
- China Glaze Ruby Deer
- OPI Burlesque Little Teasers
- some "noisy" candy (LOL)

See anything you like?

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Anyone Fancy A Nougat Praline?

Yes, please! I'll take the whole box, thank you!

Nom nom nom.

September 26, 2011

Lumiere Cosmetics Blush In Poppy & Wild Rose Photos, Review & Swatches

Finally I have some time to make swatches of Lumiere Cosmetics Mineral Makeup samples I've received recently.

I really like Lumiere Cosmetics website because they have everything so organised and easy to find - all the colours (blushes, eyeshadows etc.) are sorted in the separate groups and foundation colours are sorted by the skin colours and undertone.

Let's take a look at some photos and swatches, shall we. I'm going to start with blushes. I've got two shades - Poppy and Wild Rose:


Poppy is in the pink category and is described as "soft natural nude light pink". It's true. I would only add that this is a matte shade.

Wild Rose is in the peach category and described as "a subtle blend of burnished peach with a slight rose tone". I would agree with this description too. But this shade has a slightest shimmer in it and it's such a lovely shade!

You can get sample bag for 1$, sample jar for 2,50$ and large jar for 12$ at Lumiere Cosmetics.

Both blushes are very fine milled, so silky and easy to work with. These are both more soft/subtle shades with one swipe, but the application can easily be built and two or three layers give a nice flush of colour to the cheeks. I really like them both, but my favourite would be Wild Rose, because I just simply love shimmery blushes.

Which shade do you prefer?

***Disclosure: Products in this post were sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***

September 22, 2011

Back To Chunky Holo Black NOTD

I've been picking apples again previous weekend and I'm going again tomorrow, so there isn't much going on here. I wanted to do some swatches on Monday and Tuesday, but the weather has decided not to cooperate with me...

My nails are so sad, sad looking at this time *shakes fist at those darn apples* They're really super short - they can't get any shorter, I guess. And have I mentioned before that they're so sad? But yesterday I wanted to paint then anyway and only appropriate colour seemed to be black.

Deborah Shine Tech 100% Mat in shade 01 (eventhough I can't say this finish is exactly matte, it's more like a rubber or plastic finish):

Then I decided to layer KleanColor Chunky Holo Black over it:

Until the next time - have a nice weekend!

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September 20, 2011

Monthly Contest - September Or Goodbye Summer!

Well, it's almost official now - Summer is gone. To bring back some memories of the past couple of months, I've decided to do a Summer themed contest.

You can win:

- Neklace from my blog sale in "sailor style" (brand new)
- Lipstick in 01 Back To The 50's (50'S Girls Reloaded TE; brand new)

- Be a follower of any kind.
- Leave a comment saying whatever you like and please, leave your e-mail.
- Open internationally.
- Ends on Tuesday, 27 September at 20:00 (GMT +01:00).

Good luck!

September 16, 2011

Lumiere Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup

You probably know by now that I'm in love with mineral makeup. I am always super excited when I get the chance to try some new to me brand. This time I'm presenting you Lumiere Cosmetics. They were really kind and sent me some samples, so now I can show you some of their pretty colours.

Here is a sneak peek:

Stay tuned for more photos, reviews and swatches!

***Disclosure: Products in this post were sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***

September 15, 2011

Wet`n´Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio In Walking on Eggshells Photos & Swatches

Eyeshadow swatches time again!

Today I have Wet`n´Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells to show you. This is my only Color Icon Trio so far, but I do want couple more :)

Let's not waste too many words and move on to the pictures:

Swatches (without a base):

It's a lovely neutral palette. You can never have too many palettes like this in your make up collection, I think. I reach for shades like these most often, because they're on the "safe side".

What do you think?

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September 14, 2011

Pretty Little Box

On Monday afternoon I had coffee with my fellow blogger Mateja. She actually has two blogs, you might wanna check them out - a beauty one called Mateja's Nails and a creative one called Matejina Ustvarjalnica.

On our coffee dates we usually swap some nail polish or cosmetics, but on Monday she surprised me with this pretty little box she has made herself:

And this was inside of the box:

It was full of material for jewelry making and I was really super excited about it. Some of you may know that I make earrings from time to time and some of you even own a pair or two that I've made. Well, I haven't made them for quite some time now, but this box and Mateja, of course, gave me some ideas again.

Thank you very much, Mateja!

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September 13, 2011

NOTD: Essence Skyscraper

I finally painted my nails (they're super short right now due to the "apple situation") again this morning. And I picked the polish that came in my mail yesterday - Essence Skyscraper from Urban Messages Trend Edition. It's also the only polish that I really wanted from this collection and with some help of a lovely girl I got it :D

Take a look at this beauty - I strongly suggest that you click on the photos to see that super pretty shimmer in it:

What do you think? Did you get anything from Urban Messages TE?

I'm Still Standing

Hi there!

I know I've been missing in action for the last few days, but I've been sweating my ass off on an apple plantation. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I've been working for nine hours each day under the direct sun and picking apples. I got some really nice rashes on my hands, sunburns and I still feel a bit dehydrated and most of all I'm hungry ever since. Yay! But hey, this girl has got to make a living, right. I'll probably go again next few weekends, so if there won't be much going on here, you know why ;)

And yesterday I relaxed and tried to catch up with all the blogs I follow. There were hundreds of blog posts to read. I did managed to get through all of them somehow, but sadly didn't comment much. Sorry!

Now let's move on to the bright side... I'm already preparing some posts for you, so stay tuned!

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September 8, 2011

Glitter & Ladybugs

I haz glittah too! :D

I haven't bought a nail polish or any make up for at least a month now, I think. And even though that Depend and some other brands are available here in Slovenia now, I haven't got nothing yet. I'm really not in a shopping mood anymore. Oh, wait! Is there something wrong with me? Did I catch any serious disease again (I've already had a blush fever)? So, I went to the doctor and he couldn't find anything. Hmm... Then I went to the bank and apparently there are some experts for condition like mine. They said I have an empty bank account. So, here I have it. At least I don't have any weird illness. LOL.

But just I couldn't resist the offer of my fellow blogger Elchy, when she said that she will order some KleanColor polishes and that I could join in. I turned my piggy bank arround and found some extra € and I said to myself: "What the hell, I need a nail polish or two. I can live without everything else." Oh, yes! There is still some old addict in me left. Maybe there is still hope for me.

And in the package Elchy has sent me were cute ladybugs too (along with some other pretty things). I won a pair of these in her Facebook giveaway.

Biba is happy now. I hope it will last.

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September 7, 2011

Your Skin Is Precious

Today I have for you a guest post that was sent to me by lovely Aleya and was written by Jesse Ortiz. The title of this post is "Your skin is precious". I think we should all be aware of the fact that our skin is precious. But sadly, as far as I can see, it isn't quite so. We do get aware of this, when we start facing any skin related problems. Like myself - I've been dealing with perioral dermatitis for years now. There are so many products I can't put on my face without getting a terrible reaction. Ugh... I would give anything to get my old and pretty skin back. But here are some useful tips how can you take care for your skin.

Your skin is precious.

Your skin is precious. It protects your body from infectious diseases and guards your body from the rain. It delights you when it’s tickled and makes you cry when it’s harmed.

Your skin is precious: so you need to learn how to protect it. And, at the same time, you need to make it glow.

The following are a few tips that can help you do both.

Clean your body, the right way: Wash your face, dry your hands and remove any traces of dirt every night. But do all this in a gentle manner: don’t scrape or burn your face with harsh towels or chemically enhanced creams. Be sure to pat your face and body dry, and to use a cleanser that’s right for you.

Put sunscreen all over: Sunscreen isn’t just for your face: it’s for your entire body. Your hands are exposed all day. Make sure they’re covered with sunscreen. Also, consider putting sunscreen on your lips during the hottest days. You’re lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body: guard them well.

Remove all makeup: Every night you should peel off any makeup that you’ve left on during the day. Eye liner, blush, and even lip gloss: it all should come off so your skin can breath properly.

Pick the right moisturizer: Not all moisturizers were created equal. Pick the right one for your particular peculiarities, and not the one that’s the most popular. Of course, try to stick to natural skincare products.

Toner is your night time ally: Toner is great. It removes the day’s pollutants from your face, and allows your skin to breath. For best results, use toner right before bed. Using before bed insures that you get out as many pollutants as you can.

Exfoliate once a week: Exfoliation is crucial to create glowing, radiant skin. When you exfoliate, you scrub off the top layer of dead skin cells, helping your skin to breath. Do this once a week and your skin will thank you for it.

Stick to one type of makeup: There’s no need to clutter your pores with different kinds of makeup. Stick to only a few types. Adding more makeup to your face will only increase the likelihood that your pores will be clogged. And when you’re considering “types”, don’t forget to add sunscreen and moisturizer to the count.

Hydrate your skin by drinking water: Your skin replenishes its water supply in two ways: externally and internally. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to ensure that your skin is moist internally - referring to the lower layers of skin.

Eat the right type of foods: While fried foods shine from grease, it’s the fresh fruits and vegetables that will really make your skin shine. And don’t eat too much of one type, either. Keeping a healthy balance ensures that your skin gets the proper nutrients.

Sweat and exercise: Exercise helps you sweat out the toxins in your body and it strengthens your skin’s connection with your muscles (making your skin stronger). Get in the gym and start exercising for your skin’s sake.

Are there any other tips we missed? Hope this post helped. Let us know in the comment section if these tips proved useful, or if there’re a few more you would add.

BIO: Jesse Ortiz is a writer for Dr. Samir Bute and Jesse writes on topics that include anti-aging, natural skincare products, and general skincare. Follow him on twitter @OrtizJesse

Which tips do you already follow when it come to the skin care? Do you have any other secrets for good looking and healthy skin? Please, share!

September 4, 2011

NOTD: Catrice Purplelized

Hi there! I really didn't feel like blogging for the last week or so. There were so many things that made sad and make up was the last thing on my mind.

But, for the last three days I've been wearing Catrice Purplelized on my nails, so I can at least show you some pictures of it. This polish is really interesting, unique and hard to describe. It's sort of purple silver-y shade and so super packed with shimmer/micro-glitter that gives it almost a foil like finish.

Catrice Purplelized, 2 coats:

What do you think about this one? Do you own it?

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September 1, 2011

Monthly Contest Winner!

The winner of my Monthly Contest - August is finally revealed:

Congrats, TrailerHood Chic! I'll send you an e-mail right away.

Thank you all for entering! There is coming another monthly contest soon, since it's already September, so stay tuned :)