December 31, 2011

Vienna Haul

I haven't bought a lot of make up and other beauty products while I was staying in Vienna. I think I have actually bought more clothes than make up, because there were already lots of sales going on. So, yeah... I hope you won't be too disappointed ;)

Let's take a look what I have brought back home with me!

Alverde body products:

A few leftovers of Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas LE:

Some bits and bobs that I have found from older Essence's Trend Editions:

Alverde blush (shade Flamingo) and Be-Yu nail polish in 209 (similar to Clarins 230):

Jil Sander Sun & Cacharel Amor Amor (BIPA had some scents 35% off):

I told you it's not much ;)

It's All About The Gold, Baby!

Yes, I love golden shimmer and glitter in my make up and nail polish! But I'm pretty sure you have already known this ;)

So, you probably understand, that I just had to have MeMeMe Cosmetics Face Illuminator in Sun Beam and NYX Gilded Glitter:

And today is the perfect opportunity to add a touch of something golden and extra sparkling to your nails and/or make up!


Happy New Year! Thank you all for being part of this blogging adventure of mine :*

Song of the day: Abba - Happy New Year

December 27, 2011

Here I Go Again!

So, yeah... I'm back and slowly getting back on track. I'm still very tired and I just wanted to let you know that you can expect some new posts from me soon.


I really hope you all have had a nice Christmas!


Today I'll leave you with a few photos from Vienna where I spent the last month and a half.

The Stephansdom:

The Donaukanal / Danube Canal:

Schönbrunn Palace:

The Hundertwasserhaus:

Thanks for being so patient with me!