January 12, 2012

By Little Amber

Couple of days ago I won a cute little wooden pendant on Facebook on LITTLE AMBER Solid Wood & Feather Earrings page. Today the package arrived, yay!

Wanna see it?

As you know, I am a sucker for everything cats related... There are so many pretty earrings, pendants etc, made by Little Amber! If you want to take a look and browse a bit, you can do it here:

This is the LITTLE AMBER Solid Wood & Feather Earrings Facebook page - click.

And here is the web shop "Super Čombe" where you can buy Little Amber accessories too and with your purchase you support the Mačja Hiša (or Cat House; Cat House is a non-profit institute that takes care of homeless cats) at the same time.

Thanks for dropping by!

Song of the day: Peter Frampton - Show me the way


  1. hi sweet,
    have you changed your feed? I only see a short summary (the first 200 characters, maybe?) of your posts now, in google reader. Was this new setting the way you intended it? xx


  2. @ liloo: Hi liloo :)

    Thanks for letting me know! I have played with the setting the other day, yes and I guess, I forgot to change it back the way it was originally. But I did it now. I hope it works.

  3. As a cat lover myself, I looove your new pendant.

  4. Oooo, kolk je luštkan, moram tut jst mal uč vržt na tole stran ;)

  5. Eek! I definitely need to get something from them!!

  6. Oooo, tole je pa za umret luškano!! Joooj, zakon zakon zakon! Kako velik pa je, ko ga obesiš okoli vratu?

  7. Aww... Baš idealno za tebe - ljubiteljicu mačaka :) Jako lijepo napravljeno!

  8. @ nail crazy: Ja, super sladke mace :D

  9. @ MissDoll: Ja, kar prebrskaj! :)
    Boš videla, koliko čudovitih izdelkov je na voljo...

  10. @ Kate MacDonald: Take a look at their Facebook site and if you see anything you really like, let me know - I can get it for you and send it to you :)

  11. @ Ulmiel: Jaaa, vem! Same tako lepe stvari, sploh uhane, imajo :)

    Tale obesek je nekje 3,5 cm dolg. Samo jaz sem si ga dala na ključe.

  12. @ Innana: Hehe, hvala! Ja, obožujem vse, kar je povezano z mačkami :D


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