January 17, 2012

The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Today's guest post was sent to me by Lyndsey Hepple. Lyndsey works for Harland Hair & Beauty Company and they have multiple online stores for hair extensions and accessories. One of them is called BuyHair - Hair Supermarket and this is the place where you can get: Hair Extensions including Human, Synthetic, Clip in, Pre-bonded and Hair Extentions Wefts.

In the following article you'll see what is "The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape".


Make sure your Hairstyle matches your Face. Read below to find out which hairstyle is right for you...

Photo source: BuyHair.co.uk

Oval Shaped Face

An oval face is considered the perfect shape so a fringe for instance, will bring out your eyes.
Hair swept off the face will balance your nose whin a profile shot. If your hair is straight or curly, go with a style that works with that rather than trying to alter what you have. It will be easier to style daily.

Square Shaped Face

If you have longer hair and a square face, let it fall past the shoulders and allow some soft layers or a grown out fringe to fall around the temples. Even when pulled back, leave wisps around the face as will help to soften your look and make your face look more oval.

If your hair is shorter, elongate the face by going for height at the crown and keep a soft roundness in the silhouette.

Cut above or below the jawline just not on it. Always insist on layers, not single-length styles or center partings. This will always draw attention to a square face rather than softening it.

Round Shaped Face

With a round face the idea is to slim it down at the sides by changing the cut.

You can do this by keeping the sides close to your face and going for height on the top which will lengthen the appearance of the face at the same time. Hair brought forwards onto the face in soft wisps is flattering with shorter styles. Try your hair cut above the chin with shorter layers at the front.

Avoid full fringes, as they will make the face look smaller and rounder. Don't forget to take natural texture and your facial features into account.

Heart Shaped Face

Try your hair at around shoulder length and go for fullness from the chin down. Soft waves and layers work well to achieve this.

Side partings with hair drawn across on a slant work well to draw attention away from the chin. Keep the rest of your own features very much in focus and draw attention to your best bits.

Rectangle / Long Shaped Face

Go for width by shortening the face with a fringe just touching the eyebrows or try a side parting that sweeps across the face for an alternative to the full fringe.

Keep longer styles full and above the shoulders to avoid dragging your face down.

With shorter shapes, go for the classic wedge and other full-fringed shapes that give width and volume.


Do you take into consideration these kind of recommendations when you go to your hairstylist? Or do you just get the haircut that you want no matter what?


  1. Because I have a looooooong face, I recently decided to try a full ringe once again, but this time, I did it myself, and I LOVE it!

  2. Very very interesting post! I would've loved to see some more, maybe some pictures with real-life examples.

  3. Največji problem pri meni je to, da se ne znam ocenit kakšno obliko obraza sploh imam. Sem že skušala si določit tako frizuro pa mi ni uspelo :/

  4. @ G A B Y: That's great!

    And P.S. You're beautiful!

  5. @ Cristina: Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

    I usually publish what I get, but I agree with you on this one - it would be nice to see some actual photos here :)

  6. @ Tinchi: Ja, saj, tega tudi jaz ne znam določit. Vsakega ko vprašam, kakšne oblike je moj obraz, mi reče drugače...

  7. Tudi jaz sem ena izmed tistih, ki ima probleme z določanjem oblike. Včasih se mi zdi da je obraz ovalen, trikoten, štirikoten, dolg... se mi zdi da je veliko odvisno od frizure, ki jo tisti dan nosim

  8. @ MissDoll: Jooj, ja... Samo da se dobro počutiš s frizuro ;)


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