January 24, 2012

Timeless Beauties From The Past And Present

Timeless Beauties From The Past And Present

There are many celebrities that are beautiful, sexy and even golden. However there are few that can be considered to be timeless. When a woman is considered to be a timeless beauty it means that her look transcends time and that she’s automatically thought of when a list such as this one is made. Here are just a few stunning women who we feel have proven that their look is adored by many and it’s all natural.

Audrey Hepburn

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who says that Audrey is not a unique beauty. Directors and movie lovers alike fell in love with her doe like eyes and childlike innocence. However, Audrey’s beauty is more than simply skin deep and she has been quoted to say “Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but It doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up.” Something else that makes her a true beauty is her love for children and the children’s fund she started to help children around the world.

Photo source: venus.provocateuse.com/show/audrey_hepburn

Grace Kelly

This movie star was so beautiful that the king of Monaco fell in love with her and made her his queen. Although the world lost her at an early age, she did leave behind some beauty secrets including that she used brown liner to make her eyes look wider and that a more natural looking makeup made a woman be taken more seriously.

Photo source: forums.thefashionspot.com/f112/how-curl-hair-like-grace-kelly-style-87887.html

Sophia Loren

There are few women who are still considered to be sexy when they’re in their mid-sixties but Sophia is one of those women. Wrapped in Mediterranean coloring, with a high arch in her brow, a strong nose and full lips, she was the sort of beauty that men dreamed of and women wanted to look like. The best part is that everything about her was and still is natural and she never got any work done to look so beautiful.

Photo source: instyle.com/instyle/package/transformations/photos/0,,20290122_20327321_20716401,00.html

Natalie Portman

Even as a child star it was easy to see that Natalie was not only talented but a gracious beauty as well. Natalie likes to keep her body clean and her skin vibrant by living a vegetarian lifestyle and using natural beauty products. Although we’re used to seeing her with wavy hair, she naturally has very curly hair and has said that shaving her head for her part in ‘V For Vendetta’ makes her feel tough. Whatever it is that she’s doing, it’s working.

Photo source: fanpop.com/spots/natalie-portman/images/3947071/title/natalie-portman-photo

Charlize Theron

The face of Dior Charlize must have been chosen because her skin radiates a natural glow and she has a smile that lights up the room. This beauty is also blessed with piercing eyes that seem to go right through you so that she has your full attention. Not wanting to be thought of a girl who got acting her roles solely because of her looks, Charlize took on the part of a not very attractive woman in the movie ‘Monster’ and proved once and for all that she’s the whole package.

Photo source: vigorandvogue.com/charlize-theron/

Elizabeth Hurley

This English rose made a name for herself when she arrived at the Oscars on Hugh Grant’s arm wearing a Versace dress that was held together with nothing but safety pins. If you hadn’t heard of the former model turned movie star before that day, you were sure to hear a lot about her after that day. If you’re wondering what her beauty secret is the answer is simply a devotion to a healthy way of life. So if you want to live like Liz all you have to do is drink plenty of water, eat right and exercise.

Photo source: topnews.in/light/people/liz-hurley?page=1

There are other classic and modern beauties out there but these are just a few that most people agree on time and time again.

This post was written by Aleya who works in collaboration with Tweezerman, a company known for their eyebrow kit as well as their stainless steel tweezers.


  1. Jaz bi dodala še Liz Taylor. :) Mi pa Natalie Portman ni niti malo všeč. :)

  2. Nice post, though I could have done without Liz Hurley. After all, she's not that natural at all (plenty of visits to her cosmetic surgeons).

    Though I like the other ones you've chosen. Perhaps you could have added Catherine Deneuve to the list.

  3. Never been too fond of Natalie. But I adore the other vintage ladies. ;)

  4. Aaah, Audrey <3 Se pa strinjam za Elizabeth Taylor=)

  5. @ elchy: Ja, se strinjam - tudi Liz si zasluži mesto na tem seznamu!

  6. @ marox79: True. But lots of ladies these days are looking so good, because f the plastic surgery.

    If I had made this list, there would be some other timeless beauties on it too ;)

  7. @ Anela: Audrey je itak razred zase!

  8. Beautiful ladies indeed! :) thanks for sharing this amazing post xx

  9. Hi Biba, just saw your lovely comment on Lily's page! Thank you, it was my pleasure, really! Should you decide to come back to Vienna next Christmas, we'll spend more time together and I will tell all those Christmas-stress-makers to go to hell! :o))

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