March 14, 2012

Black & White Nail Challenge Day 5: Colour Base With Something Black

Since things don't always go as planned, I didn't manage to post this manicure yesterday... But here it is today! It's Day 5 in our Black & White Nail Challenge!

Today's (well, yesterday's) challenge is (was) Colour Base With Something Black. Let me just say, I had some problems with this one too. I wanted to do scotch tape mani, but I've somehow torn off my base colour on two fingers when I was removing the tape. So, I've decided it to do it freehanded. Not a good idea, if may I say so! LOL. Let me show you why...

I used Orly Emberstone and WnW Black Creme for this manicure. Please, don't make fun out of my not-so-straight lines made with WnW black nail polish ;)

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  1. i'm getting real envy on you here! great combo!//Azure

  2. This is kinda ridic. XD But I did the same mani, only with black French tips. It's sucha gorgeous polish, isn't it? :)

    1. This more likely unbelievable :D

      Emberstone is an amazing polish!

  3. Manikura je odlična i crta ne bi bila bolja ni da si je uspjela sa trakom napraviti. Preskromna si Biba ;)

    1. Hvala! Tvoje prijazne besede mi zares veliko pomenijo, draga :)

  4. Orly polish looks gorgeous! And the whole manicure, of course :)
    Na najinem blogu te čaka tag ;)

    1. Thank you for the comment and the tag, of course!

  5. krasna crvena, a manikura je dobra, nemaš zašto biti nezadovoljna, crta je dovoljno ravna, briga te za scotch traku ;-D

    1. Ahaha! Tvoji komentarji me vedno spravijo v dobro voljo :D Hvala ti!

  6. I think it looks great !!!!!
    P.S. Thank you for your gorgeous gift. I LOOOVE the earrings =).
    I already wore them, and I wear earrings as many times like it rains in Sahara =)

    1. Thanks!

      I'm so happy you like the earrings :D I wasn't sure about the style and colour...

  7. lovely combo i liike!! and it looks ok to me :)


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