March 20, 2012

Black & White Nail Challenge Day 7: Black & White With Glitters

Day 7 of our Black & White Nail Challenge! We supposed to do Black & White With Glitters manicure. And I did. Sort of...

Well, this is a weird mani of mine:

I have used Orly Winter Wonderland as a silvery-white base colour, then I have added one coat of BarryM black crackle nail polish and one coat of Color Club Magic Attraction. Maybe it was not the brightest idea to layer glitter over a crackle polish. Hmmm.

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  1. Good idea or not, the end result looks very pretty.

  2. I have to say, I like the idea of layering glitter over the crackle - makes it look less "hard" :)

  3. Oh I like that a lot! Looks very cool :)

  4. Meni se pa zdi tale ideja zelo posrečena, naslednjič tudi jaz preizkusim 'Biba' manikuro ;)

    1. Hihihi, "Biba" manikura je tudi meni zelo všeč in jo bom tudi jaz kmalu preizkusila!
      Hvala za idejo, super izgleda!

    2. Hihi, punci! Hvala vama za prijazne komentarje :D

  5. wow it is an innovative idea! i never really liked crackle but i love it this way it looks amazing like a sparkly white leopard!


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