August 29, 2012

Empty! #8

Part 8 in my "Empty!" series! I've had these empty tubes in my box with items for review for at least two months though... So, let's get started!

1. Sophyto Balancing Daily Moisturizer; 21,90€.
I've been using this daily moisturizer probably for a year now and it replaced my previous favourite Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturizer. It's a light and moisturizing daily cream that absorbs quickly and it works great under my mineral foundation. I use it as under eye cream as well.
Repurchase: Yes.

2. Sophyto Multivitamin Facial Serum; 33,90€.
This is a great moisturizing serum enriched with vitamins and other ingredients that work against harmful enviromental stress. My skin looks and feels hydrated, silky soft and glowing after using this serum. It absorbs quickly, since it doesn't contain any oils.
I really like this serum, but I do prefer Sophyto Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum over this one, since it's "lighter" and it works better for my skin type.
Repurchase: Yes, when my skin will need some extra vitamin boost.

3. Sanctum Men's Deodorant; 7,95€.
Even though this is called a men's deodorant, women are loving it as well. It doesn't have that typical men's scent, but it's a blend of essential oils and herbs. It's aluminum and zinc free deodorant and cetified organic. So, it smells nice, doesn't leave any white marks behind, works great (much better than any other organic deodorant I've tried so far) and I can use it right after shaving too.
Repurchase: Yes.

4. Skin Blossom Care and Protect Hand Cream (Rose Geranium); around 7€.
My hands are constantly dry, so I've been using hand creams daily and I always like try new ones. In my last Skin Blossom order, I've bought this one to try it out. This hand cream is multiple time award winner, but I must say I wasn't convinced. It's a nice moisturizing hand cream that absorbs quickly and it doesn't leave greasy feeling behind, but it just wasn't enough for my dry hands. My skin did feel soft and moisturized, but only for a short period of time.
Repurchase: No.

5. Skin Blossom Moisturizing Body Lotion (Orange Flower); around 8€.
I like to try new body lotions, so I've bought a couple of Skin Blossom products, inlcuding this moisturizing body lotion (with plant oils and aloe vera). I have a normal skin on my body and this light and non-greasy lotion applied and absorbed nicely, but I wasn't very impressed with it - my skin didn't look or feel much more moisturized and soft after using it or the next day either. It's certified organic and suitable for vegans.
Repurchase: No.

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  1. Sophyto je super, mene samo njihove cene odbijajo :/

    1. Tudi meni je Sophyto super. Zato pa pri drugih stvareh potem poskušam malo prihraniti...


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