May 29, 2012

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream Photos & Review

Today's post is about well-known Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. This is quite popular cuticle cream and now I can see why. I was lucky enough to win this cute little tin of nicely smelling balm in giveaway hosted by two lovely ladies, Jayme and Mendi, at Her Late Night Cravings.

Here is the official description of Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream:

"Give your needy nails a helping hand. Nourish and moisturise nails and cuticles with this intensive, natural treatment. A touch of lemon oil makes your nails smell incredibly clean, healthy and beautiful, naturally."

"Lemon Oil (Citrus medica limonum): A Lemon Lift

Famous for its cleansing and astringent qualities, Lemon Oil has a natural, refreshingly clean scent. On skin, it cuts through oils and dirt. Leaving smoother skin and softer cuticles. It’s true liquid love for your skin."

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream comes in a cute little yellow tin, that is easily opened and closed as well.

It's more like a balm, not actually a cream in my opinion, because of its solid, waxy consistency. That's why it takes a bit longer to massage/rub in the balm in the cuticle, but it's worth it - the cuticle is moisturized and nourished for several hours. And to my surprise this balm is not greasy at all and it absorbs very quickly too.

It also has quite noticeable lemony smell, but I really like it - I think it smells just delicious.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a 100% natural product and it's not tested on animals.

I would definitely recommend giving the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream a try, if you haven't yet!


I have had some health issues lately, so I wasn't exactly around here much, I know. I'll go back to regular posting as soon as I can.


Thanks for reading!

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May 27, 2012

Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Vitamins For Healthy Nails

It’s important to take your vitamins on a daily basis not only because it’s good for your body but because it will help you grow strong, healthy nails as well. After all, you put your nails through a series of tests each and every day. You text, type, open packages, do the dishes without wearing gloves and drum your fingernails on a hard surface when you’re frustrated. Well maybe not the last one but you get the picture. Here are a few vitamins that will help to make your nails healthier so they won’t bend or break as often.

Vitamin B Complex- Vitamin B complex includes the entire range of vitamin Bs that are available on the market. This vitamin is very effective in helping your body to fight infections and reducing your chance of getting a painful and ugly fungus. If you already have an infection, it helps to speed up the healing process.

Biotin- This vitamin makes your nails thicker so that they are less brittle and less likely to break. On a side note, if you’re losing your hair, it’s also a great vitamin to help your gorgeous locks stay on your head for a while longer. If you want to munch on some foods packed with biotin try berries, carrots and nuts.

Calcium- Calcium makes your bones stronger and makes your nails stronger and thicker as well. The problem is that coffee eats away at calcium so that your bones, hair and nails suffer and worsen over time. It’s especially important for you to take calcium if you’re over the age of twenty five so be sure to eat plenty of low fat dairy foods such as yogurt, cheese and milk.

Vitamin D- Vitamin D is good for your nails because it helps you to absorb calcium which you need to grow healthy, strong nails. While you will get a little bit of it from the sun you should make sure to take vitamins as well because it’s not safe to get too much sun. You can get vitamin D by eating milk.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is known to help to make your nails grow longer faster. In addition to this is strengthens them by making them thicker so that they are less likely to break. Get you dose of vitamin E by eating tomatoes, spinach and sweet potatos.

While eating good foods to obtain the right vitamins for your nails it’s simply not enough because no matter how good your diet is, we don’t get enough of the vitamins that we need through nutrition. Be sure to see your pharmacist to learn about which brands of vitamins are best for you so that you can grow healthy nails and spend less time filing away at the chips.

This post was written by Aleya who is the owner of Spontaneous Chick where you can find nail polish reviews as well as fashion tips and beauty product reviews. Thank you Biba’s Beauty Corner for allowing me to send a guest post for your readers to read.

May 23, 2012

Picchi's Nails - Having Fun With Nails And Life

Hi lovelies! How are you?

I have something special for you today! I want to present you a great nail polish blog called Picchi's Nails owned by Emma. Emma is such a sweet girl with gorgeous nails and she deserves some attention. I hope you'll start following her :)

Here are some of her previous manis:

Show Picchi's Nails some love :)

May 19, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Neeka

Just a quick post about pretty purple nail polish I'm currently wearing - Zoya Neeka. Neeka was part of a Zoya's Smoke & Mirrors for Fall 2011.

Zoya Neeka is a dusty grape purple shade full of golden glass flecked shimmer. It's gorgeous! I don't have any similar nail polish in my collection, I think.

Zoya Neeka, 2 coats:

How do you like it?

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May 10, 2012

Essence Rebels Trend Edition: Nail Polish Photos & Swatches

Hi! How are you doing?

I know I haven't been much around lately... I've been mountain hiking last week and then a couple of days ago I turned 28. Ha! That's almost 30.

The other day I found Essence Rebels Trend Edition in my local drugstore and I wasn't even sure, if I like anything, at all. But then I've bought two nail polishes anyway - 01 Mauve Like A Rockstar and 02 Rebel Delight:

Nail polishes in this collection have written "latex nail polish" on the bottles. I thought that must have something to do with the finish. And yeah, they dry sort of matte, more suede or something...

Here are swatches of the two nail polishes mentioned above - 01 Mauve Like A Rockstar on my index & ring finger and 02 Rebel Delight on my middle & pinky finger. I used a top coat here, because I didn't like so called "latex" finish:

01 Mauve Like A Rockstar is, well, a mauve shade with very fine shimmer in it. I really like this one. I thought it wouldn't go well with my skin tone, but it turned out that I like this one much better than 02 Rebel Delight, which is warm beige shade with the same hidden shimmer.

What do you think about this Trend Edition? Did you get anything?

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May 6, 2012

Guest Post (Slovenian Only): GEL vs LAC: nasprotnika ali zaveznika?

Danes imam za vas prispevek slovenske blogerke Neže Bizjak. Upam, da boste uživali v branju :)

GEL vs LAC: nasprotnika ali zaveznika?

Potem, ko je gel dolga leta prednjačil na prestolu urejenih nohtov brez potrebe po sprotnem urejanju in negi doma in se je že zdelo, da lahko proizvajalci (razen večne medsebojne konkurence) počasi zaspijo na lovorikah, se je zgodilo!

Prišla je revolucionarna novost

Lak, ki se obnaša kot get. Ali je morda gel, ki se obnaša kot lak? V glavnem, združuje vse pozitivne lastnosti enega in drugega in s ponosom počiva na vedno številčnejših nohtih in poličkah kozmetičnih studiev.

Medtem pa se potiho sprašujemo: bo LAC (Gelish, Shellac in ostala imena za podobne proizvode različnih brandov) gel popolnoma nadomestil? Ali je le muha nekajletnica? Imajo gospe in gospodične že vrh glave bolj in manj debelih plasti gela, ki ga je treba v želji po dinamiki in živahnosti kasneje še vseeno pobarvati z lakom? Ok, imamo tudi barvne gele (Pina Parie, Alessandro med najbolj številnimi), ki pa se na trgu nikoli niso zares dobro prijeli, mogoče zaradi prehitro vidnega narastka ali preprosto zaradi ženske prirojeno spremenljive narave. :)

LAC se trenutno zdi vse - barve (odtenkom zankrat ni videti konca in jih bomo morale kmalu imenovati že po hexadecimalkah), tanek nanos, dokaj simple odstranjevanje in očitno je to dovolj za sprejem med neobhodno pomembne inovacije na področju manikire.

Vendar spet - what goes up, must come down

Odstranitev je sicer zmerno-enostavna, ni pa povsem nedolžna. Saj mora imeti vsaka stvari poleg dobrih tudi slabe strani, da se ustvari balans, kajne? :) Če LAC uporabljamo čez gel na nohtih, stvar sicer ni tako problematična, saj se vrhnji sloj ob naslednjem obisku manikerke pač odpili in kakšna posebna pazljivost niti ni potrebna, saj se obnašamo tako, kot da odstranjujemo vrhnji del gela (refil). Problem nastane pri lastnosti, zaradi katere je ravno LAC tako senzacionalen - namreč nanos je res tanek, estetski učinek pa zelo zadovoljiv, saj noht izgleda naravno. Tega nanosa ne moremo preprosto odpiliti, saj se barva ne odtrani tako hitro, takoj pa smo že pri naravnem nohtu, ki ga zelo lahko poškodujemo. Tak noht potem potrebuje veliko časa, da se obnovi; ponavadi pa imajo po tovrstni poškodbi ženske še dolgo lomljive, krhke in mehke nohte, ki se začnejo plastiti (tudi če predtem tega sploh ni bilo). Poleg tega se LAC z nohta velikokrat preprosto odlepi, odlušči. To se sicer ponavadi zgodi, če naravni noht predhodno ni bil dovolj zmatiran in spoliran, lahko pa tudi zaradi tankega nanosa.

Kaj je potem sploh rešitev?

Posebna tekočina (veliko močnejša od odstranjevalca navadnega laka), v kateri kot v kopeli namakamo naše nohte in čim manjši del prstov. To nam pove že dovolj o tem, da tekočina ni ravno koži prijazna in jo je treba uporabljati čim manj in čim redkeje. Vsebuje zelo hlapljive kemične sestavine, ki po nekaj minutah dobesedno razgradijo LAC in ga ločijo od nohta. Spet je to nenaravno poseganje v občutljive kožo, ki nohte na dolgi rok zmehča in oslabi. Zato je priporočljivo narediti kakšno dodatno masko rok, nego s terma rokavicami (Thermasoft Alessandro), hranljivi serumi in posebni laki za učvrstitev.

Zakaj gel?

Če odmislim že zgoraj omenjeno preprostost urejanja nohtov (v bistvu z izjemo 1x-mesečnega obiska manikerke doma ni prav nič dela), čudovit sijaja in dolžino ter obliko nohta po želji, ima pred LACom še nekatere prednosti. Ob predpostavki, da je gel vrhunske kakovosti (kar je poleg Alessandra po lastnih izkušnjah redko kateri- sem pa odprta za nove predloge?), vsebuje tudi določena eterična olja in druge hranljive snovi, ki noht negujejo in ga ne poškodujejo, temveč celo vlažijo in varujejo. Gel mora biti prilagojen posameznici glede na njene nohte in potrebe (lomljivi/pretrdi, mehki/nohti, ki se plastijo...), določenim pa se uporaba gela celo odsvetuje- npr. ob kakšni akutni kožni bolezni, gljivicam ipd... (naj pa ne bi predstavljal problema za diabetike, nosečnice, bolnike z rakom itd...). Tudi alergiki se ponavadi ne pritožujejo nad gelom, drugače pa je z akrilom, vendar to je že drug članek :).

Kombinacija obeh?

Omenila sem že zgoraj; to je namreč trenutno na mojih nohtih :) Rada imam gel, ki drži obliko mojih nohtov in ščiti pred lomljenjem, mehčanjem in...tipkovnico :) Potem pa menjam - natural look z roza ali transparentnim gelom, french snow white konice ali različni LAC-i. No, z navadnim lakom jih praktično ne barvam več. Zdi se mi praktično, je pa res, da je stroškovno seveda malo bolj zahtevno. Me pa tako ali tako vsak mesec prime kaj novega in menjam, da se ne naveličam.

Neža Bizjak, certificirana Alessandro manikerka.